5 Things to make travelling more memorable


Most people save up to go on a special holiday, whether locally or abroad.  It is important to make your trip memorable, so keep these things in mind when travelling:
1.  Meet the locals

You always get those guys that wherever they go, they have awesome experiences.  Experiences that are off the map and not within the usual day schedule of a traveller.  One way to have those experiences yourself is to meet the local people.  Locals usually know best – they know where you can find the best quality for your money, the best service and if you are looking for something different – they will know.  Basic English is spoken more widely than most people think and hand gestures also goes a long way.  It’s always good to know one or two basic words or greetings in the local language.

2.  It’s okay to laugh at yourself

Misunderstanding people and their customs happen quite often.  Instead of dropping your head in shame, laugh it off.  Making a fool of yourself, even unintentionally, is the perfect way to meet new people.  Locals and travellers will immediately identify you as someone who is fun to be with and seek out more opportunities to befriend.  People enrich your travels more than the everyday sights do.

3.  Take some photographs and then some more whilst travelling

Take lots of photographs – even if it is uncool to look like a tourist.  Memory might fade, but the photographs will always be there to remind you of the special places you’ve visited.  Before you travel, make sure that you are comfortable with the phone or camera you are using.

4.  Stash some extra cash

In some places, especially Africa, one can get far with cash.  ATM’s and banks aren’t always as easily accessible as one would like.  In Africa, cash tips also give you access to information and special services.  You can stash extra cash in your shoes, toiletry bag or special places inside your bags.  Always make sure that no-one knows that you have cash available.

5.  Dress the part

Make it easy on yourself at airport security and don’t dress like you are part of the mafia.  Also, wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes that make your time travelling easier.  Pack an extra pair of socks for if you are travelling long distances – even if it’s only for the comfort of your fellow passengers’ sense of smell.




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