Common Travelling Mistakes

As a first-time traveller you may hear a lot of “what to do’s”, but rarely do you hear about the mistakes your friends made.  It would be a lot easier to travel if we also knew what those mistakes were and how to avoid them.  After all, those mistakes can lead to a lot of lost time, wasted money and above all, missed opportunities.  Isn’t one of the biggest reasons you travel after all for new experiences?  Here is a list of common things to avoid whilst travelling:

Do not eat near a tourist site

Although a major tourist site may be convenient, the restaurants there knows that you probably aren’t coming back.  Their focus is therefore on getting the most customers and not necessarily providing the best quality food.  A suggestion would be to rather travel four or five blocks away before you look for someplace to eat.  Asking at a hostel might also provide some great options.  In conclusion – its best to go to a place where you know that the food must be high quality, otherwise the locals won’t go back there.

Be money wise – Do not make use of traveller’s checks and do not exchange money at the airport

Using traveller’s checks are outdated and most banks don’t even accept them anymore.  It is best to use plastic as much as possible.  Especially if you make use of a bank card without fees.  In order to get the best exchange rates, make use of an ATM or credit card.  If you can, it’s best to never exchange cash.

Do not skip on travel insurance

It is always one of the most difficult expenses to make, but also one of the most important.  You cannot afford to travel without travel insurance.  It might just take one fall, one slip or an unexpected virus to spoil your whole holiday and whole savings account.

Above mentioned dos and don’ts won’t just save you time and money, but also add to the quality of your travels and some unforgettable memories.  Enjoy!








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