Photographic Safari

The Kruger National Park is legendary, known throughout the world for its diversity of species and dramatic landscapes.

With easy access to the park and a vast selection of accommodations and regions to choose from the Kruger Park is a photographers dream.

The diversity of habitats in the park, from open savannas to lush riverine forests, allows photographers the benefit of selecting preferred landscapes for their photographs. The animals in the park have adapted to the presence of vehicles which gives photographers many opportunities to get that special shot.


The Kruger Park is the ideal place for amateur photographers and professionals alike and any size and makes of equipment will bring results. In fact, it is not uncommon to see people using their cellphones to take pictures, so close are the animals at times. For the person wanting the best all-around lens for the park then a 300mm lens is recommended to get those just out of reach images but the Kruger is truly the ultimate park for everyone when it comes to taking wildlife pictures.

Stunning Scenery

There are a number of dramatic places in the park to stop and take photographs, including somewhere alighting from the vehicle is allowed. This adds to the attraction of Kruger as a great photographic destination. A network of roads, known as drives, traverse the park and all provide something special for the photographer. Wooded savannahs open into grassland and scenic forest roads lead to rivers, with new delights at every turn.

On guided game drives, your safari guide will stop at scenic spots for you to take photos. You will also get a chance to take some amazing wildlife photos.

Do’s and Dont’s of Photography in Kruger

  • Respect the environment and wildlife
  • Respect other patrons in the park
  • Take only pictures and leave only memories
  • Only alight at designated places
  • Obey the Park rules – they are there for a reason


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