Is the animal kingdom not incredible? From the most beautiful to the beauty of imperfection, the biggest to the unique smallest.

Sometimes we stand amazed, can the human population not look beyond the smaller picture and look at the greater and unique surroundings. Could it be that the busy and crowded lifestyle of humanity keeps them from listening to the sounds of nature that surrounds them!

The best therapy on earth is sure to get in touch with nature. The odors of fresh veld flowers, soil that becomes wet with the cleanest of waters. Springboks that pronk just to show off a little. The enjoyment that bird life can give while drinking and playing in the hand-dug soil dams. A warm sunny day, the silence of the field where big and small animals search for a little bit of shade to shut an eye for a while.

When the day begins to cool and the shade of the trees starts to turn, it’s then when the animals get a new life and everything just gets even prettier.  All that we as humans can do is to protect and appreciate what is so unique around us.

The animals that run on the plains of Karreekloof with their own personalities are better than the best entertainment in the world.

Protecting ecosystems and nature means protecting animals.

As the saying goes, nature is red in tooth and claw. Existence in the wild is harsh and unforgiving, far removed from human ethical concerns or modern standards of physical comfort. Humankind is just another animal out in the bush – not a very tough one, either!

The message is simple:  Love and conserve our wildlife


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