The story of a Karoo farm in Africa

When the rhythm of the day transforms from sunset to dusk over the expansive plains of the mesmerizing Karoo and the omnipresent birdsong of sunshine slowly fades, you’ll soon know it’s not the end of the day that matters, but the promise of a new dawn that awaits.

Nestled in the plains of the Karoo you’ll discover paradise, your piece of heaven on earth. An African farm that lets you dream your days away and before you know it, a sunset of promise will remind you that another daybreak will bring more adventures, more excitement, more life-worth-living.

This is where you’ll find our small village of happiness. This is where we work hard to re-establish game that has always called this place home. Animals roam free here and when it rains, everyone is nose-in-the-air to savor the earthy aroma of hard rains on dusty plains. It’s a feeling you’ll treasure for life.

On some days a harsh wind will literally take your breath away while an abundance of unexpectedly colorful flowers of the veld will leave you breathless and warm with inner joy, even on the coldest morning.

When nature opens its doors just for you and the world stops revolving for a while, the sounds of the Karoo will put dancing shoes on your feet and you’ll almost be afraid to blink… as if you’ll miss the beat. The constant scream of cicadas will remind you not to play for too long in the unforgiving sun. Then suddenly Shepard’s tree will beckon like a magnet and entice you for a nap in the coolness of its shade.

Overcome with thirst while tracking the lonesome plains, a desolate windmill will offer crystal clear water from deep in the earth’s bosom. You’ll replenish with water from the same well at which you’ll find the biggest buffalo and smallest bee.

This is where you’ll walk, sing and dance the day away and rest with wonderous dreams and awake with the biggest smile.

We invite you to walk the plains of Karreekloof, leave deep footprints, enjoy a night sky of bewilderment, dream big, wake up for a new dawn of delight, savor the purest water, lose yourself in the shade of big trees and let the cicadas remind you… you are in the Karoo. It’s here you’ll discover the rhythm of your soul.



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